Wells Fine Art, Antique & Collectables Auction

Wednesday March 18th


1.00 p.m.

Auction Catalogue

Buyers need to register for a bidding number. Buyer's premium 15% (VAT on premium)

Please read our terms and conditions of sale. All estimates following lots are in £

All measurements are approximate, in inches, w (width), h (height), d (depth), dia (diameter) and are taken at the widest/highest point. Framed pictures are measured including the frame.

Most images show a group of lots; details as per catalogue

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Please Note: Individual illustrations will be on www.the-saleroom.com, please Click here for the illustrated catalogue

1 Boat hook and 24" Perry buoy Purportedly owned by Kenneth Williams of Carry On fame 20-40
2 Cast iron lion's head fountain & font, painted green 30" high 50-80
3 Large piece of reclamation elm 30-40
4 Rose pink painted Victorian pine washstand 2ftw x 16.25d x 37.25h 20-40
5 Early 20th century The Queen scales and weights 10-15
6 Wall cupboard with brass lock and glazed door, used as key cabinet 19" x 19 20-40
7 Early 19th century dough bowl, gent's toilet mirror and butcher's hook 20-40
8 c1960's pine plate rack 15-20
9 Oval bevelled mahogany framed wall mirror 10-20
10 47" span taxidermy bull's horns plus one smaller 60-100
11 Early 20th century John Wright anatomy chart 50-80
12 Small wooden advertising box 14" across; Eley arms ammunition case 15-20
13 Three British military boxes, one being a boxed primary battery 1937 30-50
14 German vintage projector
15 Fire irons and pair cast iron firedogs 15-20
17 Early 1960's Antifyre fire fighting pistole and cartridges with ephemera and Minimax vintage fire extinguisher 40-60
18 Victorian mahogany folding tray top table 30" wide 50-80
19 Early 20th century copper and brass garden pumps 15-20
20 Three metal advertising shop display stands c1960's hardware shop; two Elora and Matador plus oval wooden Phoenix glass sign 30-50
21 Bargeware sewing box with contents 16"w x 10d x 15h 20-30
22 Cream & green painted Victorian pine washstand 23.75"w x 16d x 38h 20-40
23 Hatherley vintage four step ladder with brass trim 20-40
24 Group earthenware jars (6) 15-30
25 Brass tray, cast iron cauldron, foot scraper, fire irons etc 20-40
26 Low open pine shelving unit with two baskets 20-40
27 Two cast iron Victorian firegrates 30-40
28 Ladies dress and jacket bought as a wedding dress in 1941 with hat plus one other 20-40
29 Two 19th century smocks 30-50
30 Quantity ephemera of hardware catalogue, bills of sale etc rescued from the basement of a Bruton shop c1930's-70's when business ceased 60-80
31 Quantity vintage linen and fabrics incl. tablecloths, covers etc 20-40
32 Contemporary painting of life and death 38" x 30.5 plus modern World map mirror 40-60
33 Group of framed paintings by local artist David Rogers, mainly Somerset scenes plus one other 20-40
34 Quantity effects incl. candlesticks, dominoes, flags, box of matchboxes etc 20-40
35 Royal Worcester Evesham fluted flan dish, roasting pan and storage jar plus silver plated cake stand etc 15-20
36 Early 20th century Shorter & Son pottery and ship table lamp 15-20
37 Vintage artist's materials and paints incl. leather brush holder 30-50
38 Tilley lamp, Jaynay tripod, Art Deco mantel clock, Price Bros. stoneware keg, scale & weights, oil lamp and set three graduated wooden trays 25-30
39 Large round Royal Worcester teapot, Crescent cabinet plate, Wedgwood group and Rosenthal cake plate, Ambleside studio pottery etc 20-30
40 Large quantity of scientific laboratory instruments and equipment incl. flasks, test tubes, condenser, Aldis magnifier etc 100-150
41 Victorian cheese dish (a.f), dinner service, chamber pot, comport etc 20-40
42 Group mixed pictures, mainly scenic modern watercolours 20-40
43 Large collection of 20th century commemorative ware 20-40
44 Shelf mainly ceramics incl. Carltonware and Hornsea cruet sets, fish jug, commemorative etc 30-40
45 Picquot ware coffee/teapot, jug plus blue glass boot, paperweight, Caithness vase, owl and other ceramics etc 15-20
46 Shelf effects incl. Minton's Haddon Hall, Art Deco Gray & Co jug, Wedgwood, Victorian pastille burner, cut glass etc 25-30
47 Two vintage wall mirrors, the largest being 21.75" in width 20-30
48 Three framed watercolours of Wells by local artist David Rogers, 16 x 12.5" is the largest 15-30
49 Pair pink retro ceiling light shades 15-30
50 Art Deco group ceramics incl. Rouge Royale, Royal Winton, Crown Devon etc 15-20
51 Group hardware catalogues and assorted ephemera rescued from the basement of a Bruton shop, mainly 50's onwards of implements and accessories 50-70
52 Pair gilt framed scenic watercolours 30-50
53 Pair framed contemporary nude studies 15-20
54 Coalport ladies of fashion Cristina, Devonware pottery teapot & sugar, Doulton chamber pot and plates, Wedgwood Majolica etc 25-30
55 Ephemera group of letterheads from commercial companies and internal invoices giving a history of who bought what in WWII 30-60
56 Quantity Royal Worcester Evesham tableware incl. five shell dishes, fluted flan dishes, three tier cake stand, cups/saucers etc 30-50
57 Group vintage linen, bed covers and local Wells evening shirt and collars 15-20
58 Large collection of Modern Wonder children's comics from 1938 into the war years 20-40
59 Pair similar brass baluster vases with foliate decoration 14" high 15-20
60 Two framed scenic watercolour paintings 10-20
61 Early 20th century barley twist oak table lamp, bellows and copper bed pan 20-30
62 Quantity Meccano construction toys, tools plus manuals 1-3 15-20
63 Van der Graaff generator science instrument 40-80
64 Philip & Harris science instrument, a mid 20th century galvanometer 20-40
65 Pair of French mounted Droit humorous prints of gents playing skittles 25.5 x 21.75" 15-30
66 c1950's Emstonette girl's portable record player in carrying case plus c1960's cased Phillips tape deck 20-40
67 Italian printed fabric, souvenir from Italy when liberated by British troops 1944 56" x 26 30-50
68 Group mainly Sylvac pottery incl. dog, swans, seagull jug etc 20-40
69 Shelf effects incl. brassware, frames, flag, ship pipe rack etc 15-20
70 Group of glassware incl. vases, Carnival glass, lustre vase etc 20-30
71 Box of mixed picture frames, glass table lamp plus three ceiling lights 15-20
72 Oak framed oval bevelled wall mirror 38" wide 30-40
73 c1940's ceiling trio light fitting with three pink shades 20-40
74 Wall cupboard with four glass inset Victorian photographs 20-30
75 Shelf mainly ceramics incl. Toby jugs, Edwardian egg cruet, blue and white china etc 15-20
76 Large shelf of Victorian and later ceramics incl. Italian creamware stand, blue and white meat plates etc 20-40
77 Shelf mainly ceramics and glassware 10-20
78 Group World Sports Olympic magazines 1950's 10-15
79 Quantity cameras, tripod, mainly cased Kodak Brownies 20-40
80 Two gilt framed watercolours on board, mountain lake scene and one other 20-40
81 Two similar Liberty style floral jardinières and trays 40-60
82 c1900 oak leaded stained glazed bookcase 30"w x 54h 30-50
83 Two part oriental teasets 10-20
84 Art Deco wall mirror 15-20
85 Zargaran blue ground handmade by Khal Mohammadi 6ft x 4 40-60
86 W.12283 Shelley Art Deco tea service comprising six cups/saucers/7 tea plates, cake plate and milk/sugar, silver handles, purple natural background and green poppies 60-100
87 Three Shelley cream cups & saucers plus pair Wedgwood Ferrara blue and white dishes 15-20
88 Pair brass candlesticks, Victorian copper kettle plus other items 20-30
89 c1960's Poole pottery Lucullus mushroom casserole plus two others 15-20
90 Noritake horse & foal in original shipper's box plus set three Victorian glasses, pair cloisonné enamel vases, tablespoons etc 20-40
91 Clarice Cliff pottery bowl (a.f), Beswick owl, tinplate clown toy and cricketer 20-30
92 Two WWI leather cased field glasses plus one case 20-30
93 Group of ceramic dogs incl. Melbaware and Branscombe (8) 15-20
94 Victorian and later group of hunting, commemorative twin handled mugs 15-20
95 Silver plated tea and coffee set, flatware and pewter 20-40
96 Cased and loose silver plated flatware, Victorian teapot, biscuit barrel etc 20-40
97 Bavarian teaset plus Victorian Imari fluted dish 10-20
98 Canteen cutlery with contents plus other flatware and pierced silver plated basket 20-40
99 Group c1930's group of games and puzzles incl. Kay make up outfit, BGL conjuring outfit, Piktee football game 20-40
100 Victorian gilt framed still life oil on board 17.5" x 19.5 30-50
101 Three German posters, two of construction of railways 1926 and one children's print of Snow White 15-30
102 Art Deco green Bakelite Magnavox radio 50-80
103 Small group ceramics; boxed Wedgwood plate, Mazart bust, Toby jug etc 20-40
104 Group Devonware incl. puzzle jug and cauldron 15-20
105 Mid 20th century Doulton Minden D5334 part dinner service 10-20
106 c1950's Grindley complete coffee service, cream and green 15-30
107 Oil pump teapot, one other, character jugs, Art Deco lady, Little Bo Peep, Russian panda etc
108 Barometer, anniversary and other clocks 15-20
109 Early 20th century and later group Carltonware incl. toast rack, biscuit barrel etc 20-30
110 Plant Tuscan part tea service incl. five cups/saucers, teapot, cake plate, milk and sugar 20-40
111 Group of mixed crested ware items incl. longcase clock 15-20
112 Standard lamp with shade 30-40
113 20th century mahogany washstand plus rust upholstered footstool 20-40
114 Edwardian mahogany two tier trolley on brass castors 20-40
115 Continental dark stained oak heavily carved hall chair with both figural and vine decoration. Tooled leather studded seat 50-80
116 Carved French pot cupboard with mouldings to front 17"w x 29.5h 25-40
117 Edwardian dark stained oak upholstered hall chair 20-40
118 Napoleon hat mantel clock 15-20
119 Oak dropleaf dining table 30-40
120 Part nest of tables with carved inset Classical Chinese scenes under glass 20-40
121 18th century oak gateleg table with later carved foliate border to top with two lockable drawers below 3ft w x 29"h 80-140
122 Early 20th century mahogany smokers cabinet 30-40
123 Early 20th century continental light coloured finished oak chest of drawers with two short and two long drawers 3ft w x 18d x 31.5h 60-100
125 Victorian rosewood work box with partial contents 17.75" wide 30-40
126 Mid 20th century kneehole desk with bow front 30.5" wide 40-60
127 Edwardian mahogany ladies desk with square tapering legs on castors 40-80
128 Early 19th century oak occasional table on tripod base 18" wide x 28" high 60-100
129 Early 20th century mahogany standard lamp 20-40
130 Two mahogany open wall shelving units, largest being 23"w x 27.5h 20-40
131 Oak barley twist dropleaf dining table 40-60
132 c1900 ladies inlaid rosewood desk with upper mirrored gallery with arched centre, two drawers below and two cupboards above, on square tapering legs on castors 34"w x 20d x 41h 50-80
133 USSR 8 day mantel clock 20-40
134 Antiquarian book published by T. Wright & W. Gill 1769 leather bound bible 20-40
135 Academy mahogany cased gramophone, gwo plus quantity 78" records 50-80
136 Edwardian inlaid mahogany revolving bookcase 40-80
137 Oak side cabinet with central double doors and side hidden shelving 30-50
138 19th century unique carboy originally from Wells pharmacy 300-400
139 18th century oak press 100-150
140 20th century carved top tripod occasional table 20" square top, 19.5 high 30-40
141 Round backed continental oak desk chair 30-50
142 Early 20th century mahogany Pembroke table with single drawer 40-60
143 Carved oak corner chair with studded brown leather seat and stretchered base 30-40
144 Early 20th century revolving oak bookcase with side book rest 80-120
145 Rare Victorian pharmacy pill roller 40-60
146 Early 20th century oak filing cabinet with sliding front 19.5" w x 16.75d x 45.5h 100-150
147 c1900 oak roll top desk with fitted interior 47"w x 27.5d x 44.5h. Sold with red studded leather chair 150-200
148 Two table lamps with shades, one alabaster and the other gilt ceramic 15-30
149 Group family bibles 10-15
150 Early 19th century oak hexagonal occasional table on tripod base 17" wide x 25.25" high 60-80
151 Mirrored mahogany dressing table 20-40
152 Oval metal bevelled wall mirror with hammered metal border 22.5" in length 20-40
153 Victorian portrait in gilt frame 15-30
154 F.J Thornton of Birmingham scales and weights plus mincer 10-15
155 c1910 oak stained glass leaded bookcase 40-80
156 Large red ground traditional rug 30-60
157 Late Victorian mahogany dining table with turned legs on castors 43w x 41" 40-60
158 Victorian mahogany dining table with turned legs on castors 47.5w x 58.5 long x 29.5h
159 Two unframed oil on board Scottish Highland paintings of cattle indistinctly signed 21.25" x 7.25 20-40
160 Nest of three graduated mahogany tables with ball and claw feet 30-40
161 Bentwood chair plus oval bevelled wall mirror 10-20
162 Early 19th century bird cage former tilt top mahogany table 31" dia 30-50
163 Round brass hammered table lamp 18.5" high 20-30
164 Small mahogany tilt top table with tripod base 30-40
165 Victorian oval burr walnut tilt top table with carved base 5" in length 120-140
166 Pair Victorian walnut balloon back dining chairs with rust upholstery
167 Carved mahogany low side table with twin end drawers 40-60
168 Two similar mahogany Hepplewhite style dining chairs with upholstered seats 40-60
169 Mid 20th century oak extending drawleaf table and set four matching chairs 50-80
170 Walnut inlaid occasional table with twisted tripod base 19" dia x 28 high 30-50
171 Inlaid mahogany octagonal two tier table 20-40
172 Victorian mahogany Pembroke table with single drawer and carved base on brass castors 36"w x 23.5 x 27h 60-100
173 Oak jointed stool and round top occasional table 25-30
174 Regency inlaid mahogany tea table on square tapering legs 36"w x 17.5d x 28h 150-200
175 Victorian mahogany side table with twin drawers 40-80
176 Victorian mahogany inlaid wardrobe with central mirrored door 80-120
177 Set of four pine spindleback kitchen chairs 40-60
178 Oak mirrored wardrobe with single drawer below 50-80
179 Tall mahogany open adjustable bookcase 24.25"w x 10.5d x 86h 50-80
180 Quantity Leslie Charteris 'The Saint' books incl. several 1st editions from the 1940's and 50's and paperbacks 100-150
181 Group children's books incl. Tiger Tim's annual 1947 30-40
182 Georgian bow fronted oak corner cupboard, loose pieces inside 40-60
183 Mid 20th century oak wardrobe with mirrored door and single drawer below 35.5"w x 16d x 75h 50-70
184 Set of three oak dining chairs with red leather seat pads 30-40
185 Oak barley twist triple fronted wardrobe and matching dressing table 150-200
186 Queen Ann style walnut demi-lune card table with carved outer rim and scalloped cabriole legs 100-140
187 Panelled mahogany wardrobe with rounded top 36"w x 20dx 78h 50-80
188 Edwardian inlaid mahogany double wardrobe with oval mirrored central door plus matching dressing table 80-120
189 Set four oak dining chairs, three with seat pads 10-20
190 Group sheet music
191 [ inlaid mahogany display cabinet with slight bow to front 40-80
192 Quantity children's books incl. A. Lang Troy & Greece 1907, Detmold Baby Pets, Chicks Own annuals etc 30-40
193 Large two seater settee with drop ends and matching cushions 100-150
194 Three seater sofa and matching chairs with plush fringed and other cushions. Sofa has drop ends 80-120
195 Wheelback Windsor chair plus cane seated chair 10-20
196 Panasonic flatscreen television (sold as parts) 20-40
197 Group of giltwood and gilt effect picture frames 20-40
198 Four piece c1940's bedroom suite comprising double wardrobe, tallboy, dressing table and bedside cabinet 100-150
199 Set of framed Cries of London after Hogarth 10-20
200 Four shelves mixed china, pottery and glass incl. cut glass jug, commemorative mugs, teaset etc
201 Sporting items incl. cricket stumps, pads, leather ball etc 15-30
202 Quantity 1941-43 London Illustrated News 10-20
203 Group of giltwood and gilt effect picture frames 20-40
204 Mixed ceramics incl. Victorian pie funnel, egg cruet, Gray's pottery etc 20-30
205 Four shelves mixed books incl. set Globe Encyclopaedia
206 Dark stained mirror and framed series of Lawson humorous prints 10-20
207 1930's cycling magazines, Scots mags, Scotsman's 60's & 70's 15-30
208 Painted pine dresser 60-80
209 Walnut single bed ends with base 25-30
210 Vintage travel case, handbags etc 10-15
211 Four shelves china and glass incl. teaset, wallplates, Woods & Son Yuan blue and white etc 15-20
212 Stag mahogany double wardrobe 20-40
214 Indesit A+ fridge/freezer, sold as parts 30-50
215 Glazed shop display cupboard 38.5"w x 16d x 41h 30-40
216 Glazed shop display cupboard 4ftw x 15d x 42h 30-40
217 Set four rush seated oak dining chairs 40-60
218 Lloyd Loom chair plus linen basket 15-20
219 Satinwood dressing table and matching chest of drawers with brass handles 60-100
220 Two bedside cabinets plus oak chest of drawers 30-40
221 Two Victorian button back nursing chairs on turned front legs 40-60
222 Gilt effect mirror, Lloyd Loom style armchair and folding room screen 15-20
223 Blue ground fringed rug 202cm x 128 30-40
224 Edwardian inlaid mahogany bed 30-50
225 Edwardian upholstered chair plus coffee table 10-20
226 Round marquetry effect coffee table 20-40
227 Pink ground fringed rug 192cm x 128 30-40
228 Set of four dining chairs with seat pads, one a.f 30-40
229 Small buttonback bedroom chair plus cane seated chair 40-50
230 Reproduction sofa table 15-20
231 c1950's Revelation travel case, leather briefcase, one other plus rush seated kitchen chair 15-20
232 Pair of mahogany reproduction chest of drawers 50-80
233 Mahogany cabinet comprising single drawer and cupboard below 20-40
234 Early 20th century walnut desk with leather inset and cabriole legs 40-80
235 Overhead projector and screen (sold as parts) 15-30
236 Reclining armchair (sold as parts) plus jigsaws 10-20
237 Four vintage travel cases, wooden trunk and rug 20-40
239 Two similar c1920 adjustable lounge chairs with cushions 40-60
240 Set four oak dining chairs 15-20
241 Early 20th century mahogany astralglazed display cabinet 40-60
242 Light wood double wardrobe 20-40
243 Glazed mahogany display cabinet 47"w x 56.5h x 14.25d 30-40
244 Group mixed pictures 10-20
245 Group leather and vintage cases 15-30
246 Victorian mahogany Pembroke table 25-30
247 Hotpoint gas cooker (will require qualified gas fitter to re-connect) 40-60
248 Bosch washing machine (sold as parts) 40-60
249 Three small cased naturist displays plus reproduction phone 10-20
250 20th century cream and gilt bedroom suite comprising dressing table, stool, chest of drawers and two bedside cabinets 80-100
251 Collection mainly 1950's magazines but incl. pre invasion French Benjamin magazine and Everybodys 15-30
252 Hotpoint fridge freezer (sold as parts) 40-60
253 c1940's sideboard, chairs and basket 30-40
254 Glazed display cabinet 15-30
255 Reproduction gilt ceiling light fitting with similar twin wall lights 50-80
256 Lloyd Loom blanket box painted white 10-20
257 Oak kitchen table 30-40
258 Double bed with drawers in base plus headboard 20-40
259 Stained pine farmhouse kitchen table with four matching chairs 100-150
260 Triple folding mirror plus set of three framed floral prints 20-40
261 Small oak tallboy 30-40
262 Brass oil lamp, wooden letterbox and farmboy 20-40
263 Large three seater settee with drop ends and matching cushions 100-200
264 Glazed counter display cabinet in three sections 20-40
265 Large Aztec print carpet 20-40
266 Bidet, standard lamp, painted occasional table and armchair 15-20
267 Bow fronted mid 20th century sideboard 30-40
268 Set four Edwardian mahogany dining chairs with upholstered seats 40-60
269 Late Victorian ebonised nursing chair with upholstered seat 20-40
270 Chinese 20th century blue and white stick stand plus silver handled Victorian ebonised walking stick and two c1960's umbrellas 20-40
271 Leather inset mahogany kneehole desk, central long drawer with four small either side 4ftw x 2ftd x 31h 40-60
272 Small oak dressing table c1920's with oval bevelled mirror above 24"w x 18d x 59h 30-40
273 Oak open bookcase, three shelves clover leaf cut outs at side 40"w x 37h 30-40
274 Oak chest of drawers with four long graduated drawers 36.25"w x 42h 40-60
275 Reproduction library table 15-20
276 Cake stand, wine table, small folding screen, Pears print and foot warmers 15-20
277 Pair pine open bookcases 30-50
278 Golf clubs in bag 10-15
279 Two Edwardian chairs and mahogany occasional table 10-20
280 Oak chest of drawers with four long graduated drawers 36.25"w x 42h 40-60
281 Early 20th century oak drinks cabinet 20-40
282 Large Aztec print carpet 20-40
283 Two occasional tables and mahogany toilet mirror 15-20
284 Two large Far Eastern brass trays plus brass revolving jack, bellows etc 15-30
286 Reproduction drum table with inset leather top 40-60
287 Group of mixed pictures and frames 10-15
288 Green sofa bed 10-20
289 Three piece suite comprising two seater settee and two armchairs 40-60
290 c1930's two seater settee with two matching armchairs and loose covers 50-80
291 Retro dressing table 30-40
292 Quantity c1900 London Illustrated News 10-20
293 Two silver plated entrée dishes plus Edwardian Hammersley floral and gilt teaset comprising cup/saucers, tea plates and two cake plates, milk/sugar 20-40
294 Chair, racquets, hat box with contents, print 15-20
295 Richmond Rose Time dinner and tea service 15-20
296 Sewing and embroidery items plus gardening books and timetable 20-40
297 Five shelves effects incl. dinner service, wine rack, mirror 15-20
298 Five volumes of the dictionary of gardening, set of Dickens novels and Warne & Co. Beatrix Potter children's books
299 Quantity ephemera bills of sale, ledgers etc from Castle Cary and surrounding areas rescued from the basement of a Bruton shop c1930's-70's when business ceased 60-80
300 Shelf incl. brass items, cased Rolls razor, fireguards, companion set, pair candlesticks, oil lamp, coal scuttle etc 20-40
301 Four shelves effects incl. Devonware, wallplates, commemorative, lamp etc 10-20
302 Oak barley twist candlesticks, inhaler, lamp, metalware, dog wall rack etc 15-20
303 Books, lamps, blue and white etc 10-20
304 Mixed period books 10-20
305 Two shelves mixed books incl. Folio Society, biography etc 10-20
306 Quantity genealogist magazines and modern railway books 30-40
307 Set of gilt framed floral prints, plates and gilded hanging floral swag 15-20
308 Five shelves mixed books incl. topography and history 40-80
309 Three shelves mixed books incl. Folio, yellow jackets etc 30-40
310 Five shelves mixed mainly period books 35-50
311 Stag mahogany cupboard plus nest of three graduated tiled top tables 15-30
312 Early 20th century Jones cased sewing machine 10-20
313 Set three oak barley twist cane seated chairs 15-20
314 Pair pine bedside cabinets 20-40
315 Oak spindleback fireside armchair 30-40
316 Small continental walnut effect chest of drawers, two short and two long drawers 30.5"w x 27.5h 30-60
317 c1900 oak four tier sectional bookcase with glazed lift up fronts made by Gunn 34"w x 66h 200-300
318 c1940's Ship's Captain handmade cocktail drinks cabinet 31.5"w x 15.5d x 50h 60-80
319 Large oriental modern carpet, rust brown 79" x 118 50-80
320 Red ground fringed rug 186cm x 126cm 30-50
321 18th century Georgian oak drop front English bureau with fitted interior, two small and three long graduated drawers on bracket feet 200-400
322 Van Gogh framed floral print 10-15
323 Viennese mahogany cased regulator 60-80
324 Georgian bow fronted astralglazed corner cupboard 60-100
325 Set of three red leather button seated dining chairs plus carver with matching upholstery 60-100
326 Gentleman's dressing stand 20-40
327 Regency style parlour settee with carved oak frame and pale silky green fabric 80-120
328 Early 20th century small oak corner cupboard 30-40
329 Edwardian mahogany wall cabinet with cross fretwork to sides 20-40
330 Georgian walnut chest on chest on bracket feet, with key 40"w x 22d x 71h 600-800
331 Early 20th century pair of dining chairs with carved splats, drop in seats and inlay 20-40
332 Victorian burr walnut two tier wot knot with single drawer below 80-120
333 Small 18th century Georgian oak chest of drawers, two small and three long graduated drawers on bracket feet, 36"w x 20d x 35h 150-250
334 Victorian walnut gentleman's bedside chest comprising dummy drawer pot cupboard and three drawers 16"w x 14.5d x 34h 120-200
335 Victorian burr walnut octagonal workbox with fitted interior 120-180
336 Early 20th century walnut two tier desk with ormolu mounts and single drawer 26.5"w x 18.5d x 29.5h 60-80
337 Small oval walnut effect workbox with drawer on stretchered base 50-80
338 18th century oak bench stool 20"w x 11d x 18.5h 100-150
339 18th century oak prayer table 23"w x 13.75d x 26.5h 100-150
340 Walnut framed Victorian genealogy sampler of the Boulton family from 1761-1803 dated 1836 20" square 60-80
341 Early 20th century Italian marble statue of a noble Roman man of the Augustan period resting on tree stump, inscribed on base F. Vichi 25.25" high, a.f but pieces present 120-160
342 Dark carved sideboard with arched top layers and cupboard below 77.5"w x 25d x 100h 500-800
345 Early 19th century inlaid mahogany stick barometer, Fetemanzi no. 81, High Holborn, London 38" h 200-400
346 Oil painting on single wooden panel c1620, framed. Sitter believed to be Elizabeth of Scotland (1596-1662) the eldest daughter of James I and sister to Charles I, the Winter Queen 23.25" x 29.25 3000-4000
347 18th century oak cased longcase 8 day clock with painted enamel dial by Wm. Sawkins, Southampton with moon phase above 200-400
348 18th century mahogany cased longcase clock with fruit and bird painted dial and brass eagle finial. With weights, winder, key and pendulum 200-400
349 Pair twin handed green freeblown glass bottles 20-40
350 c1950's Staffordshire Homemaker group; dinner plates, cereal bowls, teaplates and saucers, 2 of each 20-30
351 Group of glass incl. Caithness and Dartington 15-20
351a Finish art glass vase, candlestick, large bubble glass bowl plus one other 20-40
352 Set six Babycham glasses plus retro set of tray and six glasses 10-20
353 c1920's marbled glass yellow and white ceiling light shade 10-15
354 Blue glass Bohemian fish flower bowl plus freeblown vase 10-20
355 Collection of glass paperweights (12) 20-40
356 Art Nouveau RH Halford & Sons 1902 dressing table/desk trio comprising silver holders with green glass flasks, all hallmarked, tallest flask 7" high
357 Four glass paperweights incl. Wedgwood bird and signed Maltese paperweight 15-20
358 Early 20th century pair of decanters with stoppers and group period glasses 20-40
359 Staffordshire bird group Doris Linder Flycatcher plus four small Jones birds, two glazed, two unglazed 15-30
360 Limited edition Whitefriars Silver Jubilee 1952-1977 commemorative glass paperweight in hexagonal form with circular facets 20-30
361 J.G & S hallmarked silver plated tea kettle engraved with Queen's emblem on front
362 CWS Bacon Factory Shepton Mallet advertising wooden box 11.5" wide 20-30
363 Wedgwood blue and white Jasperware jardinière 7" dia 15-20
364 Caltonware pig bookends plus Circus series clown preserve pot 20-40
365 Victorian rosewood cased music box, gwo 150-200
366 Heavy pair cut glass decanters with stoppers and silver plated collars 40-60
367 Pair continental twin handled dark pottery vases 11.5" high, af
368 Late Victorian slate and pink marble 8 day mantel clock with key 20-30
369 Early 20th century mahogany brass bound campaign box 17.5" wide 40-60
370 Heavy bronze 16th century mortar 5.5" dia 50-80
371 Group of silver plated flatware 20-40
372 Early 20th century scientific instrument, an Oak cased barograph by Ross of London 50-80
373 Group Walking Ware ceramics by Carltonware (6) 15-20
374 Early 20th century Henry Barrow & Co. London sextant 200-250
375 Mid 19th century rosewood cased library clock by Sir John Bennett of Cheapside London with silvered dial. Sir John Bennett was a Director of the Guildhall and councillor, clockmaker from 1830-1897, clockmaker to the Royal family 2000-3000
376 19th century brass Buddhist Indian temple bowl 12" diameter with rounded base 40-80
377 Goldscheider Myott & Son figurine 10" high 150-180
378 Two similar Continental Grecian female porcelain figurines (a.f) 30-50
379 Falconware figurine the Breton Girl 9" high 60-80
380 Guinness advertising jug 7.25" high 10-20
381 19th century Imari centre bowl 10.3" dia 60-100
382 Export Imari bowl and pair of fluted wallplates, one af 30-40
383 Sylvac gurgling jug 6" high 10-20
384 Art glass pair of cobalt blue/yellow swirl candlesticks, unmarked 40-60
385 Burleigh Ware Old Feeding Time jug 10" high plus Ridgways coaching days centre bowl 20-40
386 Wedgwood Wild Strawberry teaset comprising nine cups/saucers/tea plates plus two cake plates, teapot, sugar/milk jug, all in little used condition, no faults seen 30-40
387 Group of unframed pencil and watercolour local studies by D. Rogers 40-60
388 Group of unframed pencil and watercolour local studies by D. Rogers 40-60
390 New Deal postage stamp album of Victorian colonial and World stamps plus a George VI stamp album 60-100
391 Quantity first day covers 30-50
392 Mixed group postcards, greeting cards, British & overseas from 1900 onwards plus a scrap album 20-30
393 Large collection of Royal visit photographs from George V to Elizabeth II 40-60
394 Two stamp albums and Britannia map book 15-30
395 Two Victorian stamp albums 60-100
396 Partially filled stamp album of Austrian stamps 30-60
397 Three British and World stamp albums plus album of Royal Wedding stamps 50-80
398 Two partially filled Victorian scrap books covering the period 1840-1850 50-80
399 Photographs of Wells families and surrounding countryside 30-50
400 Antiquarian book Wookey Hole by H.E Balch 1914 plus later softback version 30-50
401 Yorkshire Past & Present antiquarian book Thomas Baines incl. several engravings 15-30
402 Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale's Golden book of Famous Women 1919 60-80
403 Group of 1930's & 1940's cigarette card albums, mostly complete 15-20
404 Two late Victorian books; Don Quixote and D'Aubigne's History of the Reformation 20-40
405 Rollins Ancient History leather bound book volumes 1-6 1841 plus Dickens book and Castle Cary Visitor 1902-03 40-60
406 Wartime and post war family photograph album 10-20
407 Small gilt framed scenic oil on canvas painting plus oak framed Victorian photograph 15-30
408 Early 20th century ephemera group incl. automobile maps incl. 1938 AA handbook, RAC, Esso and New Business maps 20-30
409 Group Royal commemorative ephemera, mainly 1937 plus others 10-15
410 Framed Soviet Union Stalingrad commemoration poster
411 c1930's Bruton football sports jersey and cap 50-80
412 Victorian round hand woven rattan fan, believed to be from India c1880's with painted handle 60-100
413 WWII RAF kit incl. kitbag, rucksack, flask etc 30-50
414 Two boxed WWII gas masks 10-20
415 Wells photographs Brown & Wilby family c1900 through WWI to the 1930's 30-50
416 Silver plated brass bugle Keat & sons Wells bicycle club 1881 60-100
417 Bath Middlesex regt. bamboo swagger stick with silver top 20-40
418 WWII group of medals in original OHMS box awarded to Eighth army veteran A. Wilby of Wells 20-40
419 Early 19th century softback ephemera series of books Memoirs of Duke of York and Albany by John Watkins, complete set but front cover missing from No.1 40-60
420 Leather cased military telescope dated 1916 W. Ottway & Co. no. 8038 50-80
421 Silver plated telescopic toast rack 15-30
422 Group penknives (12) 30-50
423 WWII Eighth army messages, proclamation on victory in the desert plus other ephemera of the period 20-40
424 Horn effect handled walking stick with silver band to top 10-20
425 Quantity period items; mainly penknives, scissors, whistles 35-50
426 Group of playing cards and cigarette silks stitched together 10-15
427 Early 20th century surveyor's leather cased Treble no. 1533 tape measure plus brass stamp holder 20-40
428 Wade & Butcher sheaf knife 20-40
429 Victorian brass encased car clock Ebenezer Dobell, 1853 onwards from Hastings, 1st patentee of electric clocks, 2.75" dia 50-80
430 c1950's Retro PTK Poole bowl with green and blue pattern 9.5" dia 30-50
431 Pair c1900 Chinese nodding head figures, one af 7.5" high 20-40
432 Carltonware Harrods character jug 1997 and matching footman 10-20
433 19th century seated Cardinal figure a.f 7" high 30-50
434 Late 19th century Order of the Garter Latin inscribed rare surviving dining plate from the Royal Yacht service translated as 'Shame on you' 60-100
435 Victorian glazed stoneware mermaid bottle flask 7.5" in length 50-80
436 1930's Dartmouth pottery glazed golf tankard 5" high 10-20
438 Imari oriental charger with cartouche 14.75" dia 50-80
439 Set of six silver handled butter knives 20-30
440 Set of six silver handled butter knives plus one other 15-20
441 Two silver napkin rings plus dish and cruets 15-20
442 Set of six cased silver teaspoons, J W & Co. London 1937 158g 30-50
443 Cased pair of hallmarked silver bon bon dishes with pierced floral decoration 82.3g 35-50
444 Silver hallmarked dressing table set of cherub design comprising hand mirror, bible, hat pin and jewellery pots, button hook 40-60
445 Oval serpentine shaped silver hallmarked tea caddy, gilt interior and finial on lid 120g 60-80
446 Silver hallmarked tea caddy spoon 9g 20-40
447 Silver group; three napkin rings, thimble and bangle 76g 15-20
448 Set of six similar silver teaspoons, mostly R B London 1790 95g 30-40
449 Set six silver hallmarked napkin rings 104g 40-60
450 Mixed group of silver hallmarked items incl. dressing table pot, brushes etc 20-40
451 Early 20th century hallmarked silver cigarette and vesta cases 30-40
452 Set six silver hallmarked teaspoons plus silver set of four 136g 20-30
453 Victorian London silver hallmarked purse with chain handle 45g 25-30
454 Continental silver hallmarked snuff box of shaped form with embossed hinged lid 26g 30-40
455 Twin handled silver hallmarked bowl on footed base, Birmingham 1912, engraved 294g 60-80
456 Silver hallmarked Vesta case, cigarette case and teaspoon 124g 30-40
457 Silver backed hand mirror, brushes (3), comb and silver topped pots 30-40
458 Cased hallmarked silver bowl and spoon set (117g) plus hand mirror 30-40
460 Mixed group of silver hallmarked flatware 137g 20-30
461 Group of vintage hat pins (20) 25-30
462 Early 20th century hat pin group with stand 25-30
463 Early 20th century porcelain doll with jointed by Armand Marseille with wig and period clothing 19" in length 40-60
464 Early 20th century porcelain doll with jointed body impressed made in Germany with wig and period clothing 25.5" in length 30-60
465 Early 20th century porcelain doll with jointed by Armand Marseille with wig and period clothing 19" in length 40-60
466 Hand mirror, tie press, cased gent's grooming set etc 10-20
467 Collection of Meccano magazines, near perfect condition from 1940 to 1949, mainly 1942-44 20-40
468 Bino Prism no. 5 binoculars 10-20
469 Point of sale advertising signs incl. Doulton, Minton, Royal Worcester (9) 40-60
470 Cosh, white metal heron holder, penknives, horse racing snuff box etc 30-40
471 Quantity mixed marbles, some vintage, various sizes 20-40
472 c1920's style wall mounted brass telephone 15-20
473 Ladies Diana air rifle MOD.16 40-60
474 German Weihrauch Kal 4.5 air rifle 40-60
475 Sporting air rifle 100-150
476 Cased silver spoon 1923 bowling prize plus cased silver plated cake forks 15-20
477 Costume jewellery group incl. crosses, pearls, hat pins etc 15-20
478 Four fob watches plus four wristwatches 20-40
479 Group items incl. leather needle case, thread case, perfume bottle, two pince-nez etc 20-30
480 Pocket watch and stopwatch S. Smith & Son in original case 20-30
481 Black lacquered oriental pen box with period mixed contents 20-40
482 Agate brooch plus four silver brooches 25-30
483 Two ladies wristwatches 10-20
484 Early 20th century 9ct gold wristwatch with expanding bracelet 30-40
485 Vintage Baltic amber necklace 18" in length comprising similar disc shaped amber beads 30-60
486 9ct gold group; locket, leaf ring and bracelet padlock 20-40
487 Edwardian 9ct gold seed pearl pendant 30-50
488 9ct gold fob rope chain with a separate matching photo inset fob set in 9ct gold bezel 200-250
489 Art & Craft monkey nut crackers stamped rd no 712602 20-40
490 Late 19th century green jade page turner 7.5" in length, enclosed at one end with gold coloured hanging loop 100-150
491 Small 18ct gold signet ring 25-30
493 Two 9ct gold hallmarked bar brooches 20-30
494 Jewellery group incl. cufflinks, bracelet, locket etc 20-30
495 9ct gold embossed locket and two charms 20-40
496 19th century cameo in pinchbeck oval bezel 30-40
497 9ct gold spider's web pendant 20-40
498 Two 22ct gold wedding band rings 80-120
499 Three 9ct brooches 20-30
500 20th century cameo in pinchbeck oval bezel 30-40
501 Group of watches incl. two pocket watches 30-40
502 Silver hallmarked pocket watch with key 25-30
503 Small embossed silver hallmarked pocket watch with key 20-40
504 Hallmarked silver fob watch with embossed case 20-30
505 George III silver crown coin 1819 F plus period fake George III 1820 half crown 30-40
506 Hallmarked silver medallion and Eterna Gent's wristwatch 15-20
507 Small silver embossed ladies fob watch with key 20-30
508 Hallmarked silver pencil plus small propelling pencil stamped 935 silver 25-30
509 Silver pocket watch in silver holder 40-60
510 9ct gold Figaro chain 18" in length 60-80
511 9ct gold hallmarked double Albert chain and French 1911 coin (31g incl. brass end) 180-220
512 Silver pocket watch in silver holder with key 40-60
513 Silver Ford & Galloway pocket watch in white metal holder and key 20-40
514 Two pots of gold dust
515 Jubilee head gold half sovereign 1892 100-150
516 Gold sovereign coin Edward IIV 150-200
517 Gold sovereign coin George V 1912 150-200
518 Silver jubilee head crown coin 1888 F 20-30
519 Silver jubilee head crown coin 1889 F, half crown 1887 VF, old head 1893 VF and worn three pence 25-30
520 Approx. 5kg of mixed silver coins c1920-1940 300-500
521 Portfolio of local artist David Rogers incl. railway painted posters, scenes etc 50-80
522 Early 20th century folder of prints, letters etc 20-40
523 Unframed oil panel painting of horse and chickens plus geese on papyrus framed 10-20
524 Zeiss Ikon cased German camera 20-40
525 Two cased vintage draughtsman's sets with original contents 30-40
526 Brass inlaid walking stick plus one other 10-20
527 Vintage black telephone 15-20
528 Mixed group incl. Ingersoll gent's watch face, costume jewellery, silver bangle, ring, lighter, coddlers etc 30-40
529 Vintage group of games & puzzles incl. playing cards, Bezique, Scrabble etc 15-20
530 Quantity costume jewellery plus postcards 20-40

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