Wells Fine Art, Antique & Collectables Auction

Wednesday September 16th


1.00 p.m.

Auction Catalogue

Buyers need to register for a bidding number. Buyer's premium 15% (VAT on premium)

Please read our terms and conditions of sale. All estimates following lots are in £

All measurements are approximate, in inches, w (width), h (height), d (depth), dia (diameter) and are taken at the widest/highest point. Framed pictures are measured including the frame.

Most images show a group of lots; details as per catalogue

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Please Note: Individual illustrations will be on www.the-saleroom.com, please Click here for the illustrated catalogue

1 Late 19th century child's high chair/rocker 40-60
2 Vintage shove half penny games board 20-40
3 Painted lady candelabra 39.5" high 20-40
4 Art Nouveau style fire fender 47" in length 30-40
5 Camphorwood heavily carved chest with top inner drawer and stylised animal feet 41"w x 23h x 20d 60-100
6 Early 20th century pair of leather top boots with wooden trees, size 9/10, with bags. Owner won MC at Somme battle of High Wood; Capt. G. Browell 72nd brigade Royal Field Artillery Northumberland 60-80
7 Modern tall studio pottery vase 26.5" high 15-20
8 19th century gilt overmantel mirror 44.5 x 33" 80-140
9 Cast iron boot scraper and Salter's balance 15-30
10 Shove half penny board, advertising box and wooden game 10-20
11 Smith's round Bakelite clock with seconds dial 30-50
12 Inlaid mahogany oval wall mirror 73" wide 20-40
13 Vintage leather saddle and tack, horse blanket and luggage straps 40-60
14 8ft 10" x 30 stained glass effect panel 20-40
15 Red Yamaha YBR 125cc 'learner legal' motorbike 2006, 14310 miles, with registration document and MOT. Good service history, electric start at first time 800-900
16 Early 20th century metal cot with mattress and lace insert 20-40
17 Two advertising wooden trunks 29"w x 14h 15-20
18 Vintage metal travelling trunk 33 x 1ft plus square leather trunk 20-40
19 1960's Raleigh bicycle 20-40
20 Wooden garden bench 20-30
21 Wooden garden bench 20-30
22 Wood banded vintage trunk 3ft wide 15-20
23 Stained hardwood six seater table 30-50
24 Group of vintage shop advertising sale boxes in cardboard with original paper labels, mostly hat boxes 15-30
25 Victorian elm blanket box 36.5"w x 18h x 18d 30-40
26 18th century panelled oak coffer 80-120
27 Brass and cast iron fire fender 15-30
28 Regency dropleaf dining table 47.5" wide 40-60
29 Oak cased National job time recorder clock, Mod 521, gwo restored large clockwork movement with platform escapement 13.5"w 80-100
30 Two silk kimono gowns plus paisley gown 10-20
31 Framed continental mountain scene acrylic oil painting 20-30
32 Framed map of Constantinople plus ltd ed. interior with snowdrops by A.R Neal 13/35 20-30
33 Group effects incl. Model T Ford 1515 car picture formed from clock parts, candlesticks, brassware etc 20-30
34 Quantity Spode Byron tableware; six dinner/six salad/six tea plates plus tureen, sauceboat and platter 20-40
35 Electrical testing instruments; line-loop tester, multi range avometer no. 1 and disappearing filament pyrometer 15-20
36 Group vintage photographic and other equipment incl. Aiwa CV80, Minolta mini 16 etc 30-40
37 Victorian teapot, jug plus group of platters incl. Burleigh Ware Satsuma, Minton etc 15-30
38 Group mixed effects, mainly ceramics incl. enamelled teapot, Sandland Ware Dickens pot, period glassware etc 20-30
39 Shelf effects incl. mahogany box, glove box, desk lamp, watches, figures etc 20-40
40 Shelf mostly glassware incl. set six crystal glass champagne flutes and set of six crystal wine glasses 20-40
41 Scenic oil on board, prints and picture frame group 20-40
42 Quantity mixed ceramics and glassware incl. Port Meirion Oranges & Lemons pot and Art Deco style figurine 20-40
43 Shelf mixed ceramics incl. large pottery swan, blue and white china, Chinese bowl etc 25-50
44 Shelf mixed effects incl. blue and white jardinière, glassware, pottery figures etc 15-30
45 Cut glass bowl and candlesticks plus other glassware and Imari lazy Susan 20-40
46 Shelf of mixed ceramics incl. tortoise and fashion shoe ornaments 10-20
47 Group natural history engravings of butterflies, moths, insects etc plus two others 15-30
48 Pottery lampbase, vanity case, Victorian comport and plates, cut glass vase, Caithness paperweight etc 15-20
49 Roman ruins picture, centre bowl, tray, game pot etc 10-20
50 Victorian and later children's books incl. Adventures of David Oliphant, Holmlees Fairy Tales Rupert Chums etc 30-60
51 Gilt framed scenic oil plus pair engravings etc 20-40
52 Shelf of Royal Worcester Evesham tableware incl set six ramekins, cups/saucers, bowls etc 30-50
53 Quimper plates, Glastonbury Tor picture, glassware, Denby casserole dish etc 15-20
54 Cine camera, cameras and equipment incl. Nettar, Kodak, Cinera projector etc 50-80
55 Framed North Wales harbour scene watercolour signed David Horobin plus tapestry 15-20
56 Group framed pictures and watercolours 10-15
57 Group of modern candlesticks incl. large alter candlestand 15-20
58 Large pair of porcelain figurines, a lady and a gentleman
59 Vintage bicycle parts; three rear hubs and spokes 10-20
60 Box of Russian stamps 30-40
61 c1900-1915 Meinel & Herolds German Zither 21" high 20-40
62 Advertising wooden box containing Hornby and other model railway items 30-50
63 Large quantity of mixed postcards 20-40
65 Pair framed oriental watercolour lake scenes 20-40
66 Two oriental paintings, one elderly gentleman smoking a pipe painted on tobacco leaves 15 x 19" and a portrait of an elderly lady arranging flowers, signature indistinct 23 x 29" 40-80
67 Coal scuttle, wooden box plus mixing bowl and two others 15-20
68 Quantity Doulton Duchess tableware incl. dessert set, soup bowls, plates and hors d'oeuvres dish stamed Cliff hotel Trearddur Bay 20-40
69 Vintage camera and other equipment incl. Noris splicomatric, 35 mm cameras etc 40-80
70 Box of seashells 20-30
71 Early 20th century suitcase, green/white dinner ware, two coal scuttles, cutlery, butter pats etc 15-20
72 Gilt framed shore scene plus three other pictures 30-40
73 Early 20th century taxidermy leopard skin rug 40-80
74 Taxidermy alligator, approx 4ft in length 100-150
75 Vintage camera and other equipment 40-80
76 Shelf puzzles and games incl. Totopoly, Cluedo etc 15-20
77 Shelf metalware, mainly silver plat incl. teaset, cased flatware, toast rack etc 30-50
78 Shelf ceramics incl. commemorative items, Salisbury Cornflower part teaset etc 10-20
79 Framed oil on canvas mounted on board of Norfolk 42" x 28.5, by M. Humphries 30-40
80 Unique oriental hardwood drinks cabinet carved internally with a harbour scene 30" w x 37h x 1ft 5d 80-120
81 Lindo guitar with small built in amplifier 20-40
82 Two mesh cased soda siphons 15-30
83 Red ground small oriental rug 41" x 27 15-20
84 Framed study of Far Eastern working women 15-30
85 Pair Portland pottery bird jugs, amber bubble glass chamber pot plus green glass tray 20-30
86 Cased Royal Navy Azimuth 1880 circle, cased EBS sextant and other navigational/scientific instruments 20-40
87 Metal Sandman advertising figure plus WWI & II trench art shells 30-50
88 Trellis bowl, Beswick pottery bowl plus cut glass biscuit barrel 15-20
89 Art Deco Foley part tea service, 1930's cup/saucer, Wedgwood Covent Garden items etc 10-20
90 Group military items incl. WWI gaiters and belts 20-40
91 Jaques London wood Solitaire board game with marbles 15-20
92 Denby Baroque coffee pot, Spode blue and white candlesticks and USSR bird cruets 20-30
93 Several pairs of binoculars/field glasses, two dating from WWI 20-40
94 Group of pottery and china incl. pottery dish and Dicken's plates 15-20
95 Blue and white plates and assorted wallplates 10-20
96 Mixed group incl. Far Eastern metalwork, brandy barrel, butler's tray etc 40-60
97 Indian hand painted wall hanging depicting a celebratory procession of elephants and chariots 64 x 40" 40-60
99 Group of mixed pictorial pot lids 30-50
100 Brass miner's lamp plus two art glass sculptures on glass plinths 15-20
101 Dogs of Fo, miniature musical instruments, serving set and free blown coloured glass round bottomed flasks 15-30
102 Green glass vase plus one other 10-15
103 Tom & Jerry children's teaset, crested ware incl five Goss items 15-30
104 Sestrel marine compass with attached SP sailor radio of Denmark plus cased Sun compass of Hard pattern Mark II 30-40
105 Cut glass bowls, glasses and Old Avesbury Royal Crown Derby cake server 10-20
106 Blue Mandalay pierced basket by Masons, Italian pottery vase and Beswick leaf vase with rounded handle impressed 819 below 20-40
107 Oriental biscuit barrel and set of lacquered oriental bowls and plates 10-20
109 Modern red ground oriental rug 31" x 47.5 40-60
110 Victorian walnut framed buttonback chair 100-150
111 Small Victorian mahogany chest of drawers 34.5"w x 17d x 33.75 60-100
112 Oak cased mantel clock 15-20
113 Victorian mahogany toilet mirror 15-30
114 Carved oriental camphor chest with nautical incised carvings and inner drawer 40.75"w x 2ft1h x 20.75d 60-80
115 Early to mid 20th century children's gowns, bonnets, baby bottle and linen etc 30-40
116 Light coloured pine two drawer chest 51"w x 18d x 30.25h 40-60
117 Oak drop front bureau 29"w x 16.25d x 40h 30-40
118 Two pairs of brass Cobra snake candlesticks, one of which is wall hanging 20-40
119 Pair composite antler ceiling light fittings with bulbs 30-50
120 Mid 20th century bureau with four drawers below 40-60
121 Two wooden cutlery boxes 10-20
122 c1930's pie crust edge mahogany coffee table with ball and claw feet 15-20
123 Satinwood kneehole desk with three small drawers above and three either side 42"w x 30h 23.5d 40-80
125 Early 20th century English small oak roll top desk 42" w x 45h x 26 150-200
126 Victorian mahogany ladies toilet mirror 21" high 20-40
127 Vintage portable Remington Model 5 typewriter 10-20
128 Trio of walnut framed shaped mirrors 15-30
129 Victorian mahogany chest of drawers with two short and three long graduated drawers on bracket feet 46"w x 42.5h x 23d 60-100
130 Victorian bow fronted chest of drawers with two short and three long graduated drawers 100-150
132 Light coloured pine table with single drawer 4ft x 26.5 x 27.5h
133 Small four drawer chest with desk pull out 70-90
134 Small leather case 17" w plus briefcase 20-30
135 Astralglazed mahogany bookcase on ball and claw feet 45"w 49.5h x 14d 40-60
136 Black slate Victorian mantel clock 20-40
137 Seaby coin and medal bulletins 1960's & 70's plus ephemera 20-30
138 Reproduction bookcase with astralglazed effect doors 42" w x 43h x 11.75d 30-40
139 Reproduction Highlands oak cased wall regulator 20-40
140 Victorian inlaid mahogany wall clock for restoration 20-40
141 Early 20th century two tier carved oriental occasional table with original Walsh paper label below 30-50
142 Portrait, scenic lithograph plus engraving of bull 20-40
143 Early 20th century glazed mahogany bookcase 50-80
144 Group of books, mainly on dogs and natural history 20-40
145 24" wooden page turner, pair of shoe stretchers and two cased pairs of binoculars 20-40
147 Antique hand made Torkamen runner in red and green 345 x 93cm 140-160
148 1845 family bible 10-20
149 Pair mahogany spoonback upholstered dining chairs 20-40
150 Two framed paintings by local artist Malcolm Humphries oil on paper mounted on card of Damas, France Provence scene 22.75 x 18.5" plus Lindisfarne castle 21 x 16.5" 20-40
151 Painted dresser with stained glass panels 42"w x 83.5h x 18d 60-80
152 Two plus shelves of mixed books incl. Life at the zoo CJ Cornish, Doctor at the old school etc 30-50
153 Bobbin gateleg table plus two spindleback dining chairs 20-40
154 Pestle and mortar 8" dia 10-20
155 Three Dutch metal wall plaques of 17th century inn scenes, the largest being 21.75" wide 15-20
157 Victorian inlaid mahogany round butler's tray with twin brass handles and shell motif 15" dia 40-60
158 Handmade Iranian Model red ground runner 288 x 109cm 150-200
159 Oak sideboard 70" in length x 32h x 18.25d 60-80
160 Jaycee dark wood sideboard 30-40
161 Handmade red ground Turkish rug 79" x 39 50-70
162 Framed oil on board of the River Avon, Salisbury 22" x 18 plus a framed oil on canvas painting of Venice 19.75" x 16.75, both by M. Humphries 30-40
163 Jaycee dark wood dresser 30-40
164 Collection of period books, mainly on Bristol incl. Sayers memoirs of Bristol 2 vols 1821, Picture of Bristol 1818, Bristol & Hotwell guide 1813 100-150
165 Mahogany kneehole desk 5ft long x 31.25h x 21.5d 40-60
166 Light leather vintage suitcase 10-20
167 Small oak dropleaf table 2ft w x 19h x10d 15-30
168 Carved oak wardrobe with central mirrored door and drawer below 42.5w x 16.5d x 79"h 40-80
169 Two framed oil on canvas mounted on board scenes of Swanage and Lynmouth flood defences by local artist Malcolm Humphries 20-40
170 Oak cased wall clock 35-50
171 Two tier plant stand 10-20
172 Pair of oak upholstered hall chairs 50-80
173 Large framed engraving of a period house, Bristol c1910 picture plus one other 15-20
174 Pair 19th century oak hall chairs plus one similar 30-40
175 Oak two tier side table with twin drawers and brass handles 3ftw x 20.5d x 28 30-40
176 Early 20th century mahogany sideboard with Serpentine front and square tapering legs 60.5w x 25.5d x 35.5"h 40-60
177 Mixed group of books, Georgian onwards; history, local interest, travel etc 40-80
178 Modern woven lion and unicorn tapestry 75" x 47 40-80
179 Inlaid figured walnut single bed end 30-40
180 Vintage oak dresser with three drawers and three cupboards below 50-100
181 Set of eight percussion bronze oriental nipple gongs in the musical key of G 80-120
182 Brass oil lamp plus pink glass dressing table set 15-30
183 Cooke, Troughton & Simms cased Naval tripod levelling bases (5) 30-40
184 Group scientific instruments, mainly surveyor's equipment incl. lenses, tripod etc 30-40
185 Early boxed Monopoly game, Scrabble, Backgammon, Careers etc 15-20
186 Cased ROJ Beck of London magnifying lenses 15-30
187 Cased W. Ottway & Co. mid 20th century theodolite
188 Twin tripod extending Regency style dining table 20-40
189 American Drake & Co. MN7 network matcher plus Perdio receiver 40-80
190 Cased mid 20th century theodolite instrument 20-40
191 Brass clock works plus a mounted copy of the 1764 Universal Equatorial sundial from the Deutsches museum 20-40
192 WWII Royal Air Force Lancaster bomber navigational instrument, a cased bubble sextant Mark IX no. 7319 30-40
193 Eumig 824 movie camera and projector 20-40
194 Preserving pan, brass candlesticks and firedogs a.f 20-40
195 Group scientific instruments, mainly surveyor's equipment incl. lenses, tripod etc 30-40
197 Boxed Knitmaster knitting machine sold as parts 10-15
198 Group of pictures incl. scenic oil plus pair oak framed hunting prints 20-40
199 Large pine utility cupboard 20-40
200 Vintage rush laundry basket 29.5" wide 20-30
201 Shaped mirror and tapestry inset oak firesceen 10-15
202 Lead glazed dark dresser 20-40
203 Group of travel cases incl. two early 20th century, one leather and one with leather trim 30-40
204 Four shelves mixed books 10-20
205 Five shelves of German books
206 Four shelves mixed books
207 Four shelves mixed books
208 Three shelves of woodworking books and part works 20-40
209 Modern Heals coffee table 40-60
210 Early 20th century oak gateleg dining table plus one other 20-30
211 Quantity of fabric rolls
212 Retro moulded stool 10-20
213 Four boxes of curtain accessories incl. tie backs, braiding, brackets etc
214 Rustic pine double bed end with inset contrasting design 20-40
215 Oak oval bevelled wall mirror 10-20
216 Two military metal trunks; largest is 35" wide, both owned by MC recipient Lt. Col. J.M Browell 20-30
217 Glazed hardwood front door
218 Campaign style chest of drawers with three long graduated drawers 35"w x 21d x 31h 100-150
219 Model aeroplane and engine parts 30-50
220 Quantity of fabric rolls
221 Household carpet in good condition 9ft 11 x 8ft 11 20-40
222 Large quantity of boxed new curtain pleated heading tape
223 Picture group incl. decoupage tray, frames and embroidered pictures 15-20
224 Large quantity of boxed new Isku birch wooden flooring and clips 100-150
225 Modern art pictures of common sayings 10-20
226 Quantity of new bed linen incl. valence sheets, duvet covers etc
227 Garden machinery sold as parts 30-50
228 New integrated under counter larder fridge sold as parts 20-40
229 Regency rush seated armchair 20-40
230 Light oak retro cabinet 15-20
231 Regency dropleaf table with rounded sides 41" wide 30-50
232 Quantity photographic equipment 20-40
233 Garden machinery sold as parts 15-20
234 Oriental cabinet with lift up top and lower left shelving 4ft 2w x 38h x 23d 40-60
236 Oak rustic dining table with set of six matching dining chairs with rush seats, chair set comprises pair carvers and four chairs 150-200
237 Set six oak ladderback dining chairs with rush seats 40-60
238 Modern mahogany cabinet 10-15
239 Two large modern camera carrying cases
240 Garden machinery sold as parts 30-50
241 Fabric covered blanket box 10-15
242 Full length mahogany framed cheval mirror 31.5"w x 65h 40-80
243 Beatles 1967 poster Plymouth Hoe 10-15
244 Framed watercolour of a winter's scene by J. Madgelf plus tapestry inset firescreen 15-30
245 Small glazed mahogany corner cabinet 20-30
246 Group of vintage travel cases plus five Babycham glasses 30-40
247 Unused folding bed, single sized 20-30
248 c1930's extending table and hall table 20-40
249 Early 20th century drop front bureau and effects 20-40
250 Modern card table with green baize swivel top and ormolu mounts 33"w x 29.75h x 16.5d 30-40
251 Early 20th century satinwood dressing table 40-60
252 Pair oriental hardwood dining chairs 20-40
253 Early 20th century light blue velour upholstered armchair 20-30
254 Quantity 7ft x 2" x 0.25 wood flooring 100-150
255 Garden machinery/tools, sold as parts 20-40
256 Framed late Victorian scenic watercolour plus one other 20-30
258 c1980's Heal's yew veneered open storage unit 64"w x 67h x 14d 100-150
259 White painted open bookcase 3ft w x 3fth x 9d 15-20
260 Student desk plus fringed rug 20-40
261 Garden machinery sold as parts 20-40
262 Early 20th century mahogany dressing table with adjustable mirror above 20-40
263 Regency style glazed wall unit with removable glass panels, drawers and cupboards below
264 Early Victorian mahogany side table with twin drawers 20-30
265 Box of LP and 45" records incl. Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull etc 20-40
266 Four vintage wooden surveyor's tripods 40-80
267 4ft x 3ft high octagonal teak table over barrel 20-40
268 Late 20th century steel framed lounge chair 30-50
269 Embroidered inset firescreen plus group of pictures 15-20
270 Turkish woollen carpet 30-40
271 Two timber painted fire surrounds 30-50
272 Jersey pottery tableware, magazine rack, pictures etc 10-20
273 Oak drawleaf table plus mahogany cabinet 20-40
274 Early 20th century armchair plus retro leather footstool 20-40
275 Two modern glazed pine cabinets, chicken sculptures and door 20-40
276 Towel rail, chariot, marble topped table and tapestry 15-30
277 Quantity boxed games and puzzles 10-15
278 Modern pine dresser 51"w x 70.5h x 15.5d 40-60
279 Single sized cast iron painted bed ends 20-40
280 Quantity maps
281 Pair bird paintings on silk, embroidered silk plus effects 15-20
282 Port Meirion summer strawberries tableware incl. trio of storage jars plus other effects 15-30
283 Four shelves of mixed books 10-20
284 Quantity gardening and cookery books 10-15
285 Three shelves of mixed books 10-20
286 Three shelves of mixed books 10-20
287 Five shelves of mixed, mainly period books 30-40
288 Shelves of effects incl. felt riding cap, clocks, sundial etc 20-30
289 Three shelves of mixed books 10-20
290 Quantity 7ft 2" teak beams 6.25w x 3"d plus flat planks 100-150
291 Four shelves of mixed books 10-20
292 Two shelves of comic soft back books incl. Giles
292a Jane's aircraft volumes and other military books 20-30
293 Mixed group of pictures
294 Four shelves of books on antiques 20-40
295 China and pottery group incl. Mason's Mandalay dish, c1907 Auld Lang Syne cup/saucer, Yeo pottery loving cup etc 15-30
296 Three vintage tripods plus ruler 20-40
297 Four shelves of mixed books 15-20
298 Group of mixed instrument and other boxes 30-40
299 Five shelves of mainly modern fiction books incl. Dick Francis, Clive Cussler etc 20-30
300 Chinese blue woollen oval rug 20-30
301 Large modern tripod plus one other 20-30
302 Large gilt overmantel mirror 50" w x 41h 40-60
303 Oriental table with bamboo frame and hardwood top 83"w x 21d x 30h 40-60
304 Grandfather clock works incl. 12" painted dial Hancock of Yeovil 40-80
305 2ft high taxidermy boxing hares mounted on natural branch 200-300
306 Victorian walnut card table folding top 37"w x 18d 30-40
307 Late Victorian ebonised display cabinet with original interior 45-60
308 Unique framed study of Keith Richards in concert with the Rolling Stones dated 1999, a private commissioned painting by local artist Martin Alford 80-140
309 Georgian inlaid mahogany wall mirror 30-40
310 Victorian African face mask with beard and inset beaded nose 19" high (plus beard drop) 60-100
311 Shaped gilt bevelled wall mirror 20-40
312 18th century oak hall chair with early caved panel back 30-40
313 Group of period surveyor's tripods 35-50
314 Ardebil handmade red ground rug 295 x 130 cm 250-300
315 Set of three carved walnut spoonback chairs plus two similar, c1860 50-80
316 Set of eight dining chairs with burgundy leather seat pads 100-150
317 Carved oriental jardinière two tier stand 26.5" high 20-40
318 Early 20th century armchair with carved mahogany front legs 20-40
319 17th century two tier hall table 46"w x 29h x 22d 100-150
320 Victorian inlaid mahogany oval butler's tray with twin brass handles 26.5" dia 40-60
321 Antique Tabriz handmade blue ground rug 190 x 135cm 100-150
322 Early 18th century oak and elm mule chest with brass fittings 55w x 21.5d x 38"h 150-200
323 Victorian walnut writing slope for restoration 30-40
324 Framed oil on canvas of lady carrying fruit 23.5" x 28.5 80-100
325 Framed oil on canvas portrait painting of a man smoking a pipe, labelled P. Fischer 2ft x 28 40-60
326 Victorian mahogany framed mirror with gilt fleur de lys decoration 20-40
327 Early oak miniature eight drawer table top cabinet 17"w x 13.75h 80-120
328 17th century oak mule chest with moulded panels above similar drawer 200-300
329 Framed oil on canvas by T. Earl of the Cavaliers pets after Landseer 27.25" x 23.5 150-200
330 Unframed oil on canvas Scottish landscape painting with ruins, loch and boats 18" x 12 30-50
331 Unframed oil on canvas landscape painting with mill and figures, labelled on reverse 'Harris' 16" x 22 30-50
332 19th century oak bureau bookcase 3ft w x 22d x 6ft 3.5h 150-200
333 17th century marquetry press cupboard on stand with figured carved supports and cupboard above three graduated rows of four small drawers 800-1000
334 Victorian gilt framed oil on canvas portrait of a lady in mourning signed Fred Yates 34" x 40; HH Bridges on reverse 50-80
335 Maritime mounted marine barometer by W & J George Ltd, late EE. Becker & Co. London 500-800
336 Georgian shaped inlaid mahogany wall mirror 30-40
337 Early C20th African hunting spear with steel points to both ends 40-60
338 Art Nouveau gilt framed oil on linen painting entitled “ Magdalene de la Mer” of Mary Magdalene arriving in the Camargue with her scrolls of wisdom. The flamingos represent Divine Union. Painted by local artist Cheryl Yambrach Rose who is a portrait and visionary artist collected worldwide. She has shown at the Nelson Rockefeller collection, many museums, and included in the book of the 100 most important living Western artists, author of “Art Through the Eyes of the Soul” coffee table book and two oracle decks distributed in 25 countries 1,500-2000
339 17th century oak bible box on stand with linenfold sides and bobbin legs 150-250
340 Early 17th century oak jointed stool with shaped frieze on turned baluster legs 200-400
341 c1900 mahogany banded table with cut out decoration to sides 15-30
342 HMV103 wood cased gramophone 20-40
343 Handmade Tabriz Persian cream and brown rug 138cm x 95 70-90
344 Scottish oak early to mid 17th century Wainscot chair with carved St. Andrews flag and thistles to panel 400-600
345 Georgian mahogany inlaid corner cupboard 40-50
346 Vintage walnut single bed ends with gilt edging 20-40
347 Three limited edition numbered cow prints by Jackie Spurrier 60-120
348 Quantity Victorian and later glassware incl. decanters, jugs etc 30-40
349 Victorian opaline glass vase plus others 15-20
350 Stained glass hanging angel plus quantity amethyst glass 15-20
351 c1940's Delphine enamelled floral part teaset 30-40
352 Quantity drinking glasses and cut glass bowl 20-30
353 Straw filled jointed teddy bear 1ft high 20-40
354 Walkers Cherub Mark II ship's log complete and unused in original box 150-200
355 British military gun sighting telescope WWII brass lens by W. Ottway & Co. London part no. G354 18" long, no. 1108 60-100
356 Framed Nils Lofgren signed T-shirt; Bruce Springstein E Street band 20-40
357 Victorian red glass vase with floral overlay 10.25" high plus two others, af 20-40
358 Pair oriental vases with traditional scenes to front and script to reverse 40-60
359 Imari charger decorated with panels of traditional oriental scenes 14.5" dia 30-50
360 Victorian Imari charger with fluted edge decorated with floral oriental panels 13" dia, af 40-60
361 Two contemporary abstract canvas paintings, both 28 x 28.5", believed to be Cornish artist Mary Rowlands Pritchard 20-40
362 Continental urn carrying lady 13.5" high, blue crossed swords maker's mark on base, af 20-40
363 Pair unique turned wooden candlesticks 20-30
364 Victorian Parian Grecian female torso, lower half draped with fabric 13.5" high, impressed Volkstadt and with blue maker's mark on base 40-60
365 Pair 19th century Staffordshire hunting dogs af 20-30
366 Continental Art & Craft blue and white ceramic box with steel encasement and lock impressed 8643 30-40
367 Brass pestle and mortar 10-15
368 Pair of oriental twin handled baluster vases with fluted rims and decorated with traditional pictorial panels 13.5" high 20-40
369 19th century Negretti & Zambra brass microscope in original case with accessories 100-200
370 Cased Louis Cassela of London theodolite surveyor's instrument 9302 80-120
371 Early 20th century British Naval astrocompass Mark II 30-50
372 Early 20th century Hall Harding surveyors leather cased scientific measuring instrument 20-40
373 Early 20th century British telegraph key register set with sounder and recording paper roll labelled ATM Co. Liverpool no. 306 60-100
374 Electric powered C. Baker of London microscope instrument no. 2357 40-80
375 19th century brass fusee Gothic skeleton clock on wooden plinth and under 20.5" high glass dome 250-350
376 Mid to late Victorian gentleman's walnut correspondence box a.f 50-80
377 Late Victorian oak tantalus with a set of three cut glass decanters with stoppers, each with a silver hallmarked decanter label 100-150
378 Pair WWI leather field boots, size 9/10 with wooden trees. Owner won MC at Somme battle of High Wood; Capt. G. Browell 72nd brigade Royal Field Artillery Northumberland 60-100
379 Framed Far Eastern fishing scene 20-40
380 Cast iron kettle stand 10" wide 20-30
381 Framed Far Eastern ornamental pierced white metal foliate panel, visible panel is 7.5"w x 5.25h 15-20
382 c1880/1910 rare spinning top toy with stylised birds and animal motifs 30-50
383 Lladro girl in nightgown carrying a candle 20-30
384 Period clock in a Gothic style metal case 6.75" high 20-40
385 Large Shorter & Son 8" high Toby jug plus two others 10-20
386 Mid 19th century cased Irish brass theodolite scientific instrument made by Yeates of 2, Grafton St. Dublin 80-120
387 ER Watts & Co. of London cased theodolite scientific instrument in British military green model 36811 40-80
388 c1920's boxed scientific instrument T. Cooke of London York & Cape Town surveying lens for farm levelling 40-60
389 Early 20th century T & S.D cased bronze theodolite instrument 40-60
390 Cased brass late 18th century pantograph instrument on ivory castors 100-200
391 Cased WWII instrument Hillger & Watts SL70 British naval ship's autoset level in navy grey 40-60
392 Victorian oriental photo album plus silk cover 20-40
393 Quantity Britain's farm animal toys
394 Group 1920's-50's photo albums with loose Victorian photos 30-40
395 Vintage model engine parts 20-30
396 Japanese pre-war calendar plus the 1967/68 & 70 Courage brewariana advertising calendars plus Tango 10-20
397 Group of vintage instruments incl. lenses, compass etc 20-40
398 Stamp album containing World stamps; George V to George VI 40-80
399 Car mascot pheasant, AA badge, vintage gun cleaning kit etc 20-40
400 Vintage empty cigarette boxes, Ronson lighter, coins, trade cards etc 15-30
401 Collection of loose stamps, first day covers etc 30-50
402 Set of six Turkish Iznik tiles with several green border tiles, each tile 10-20
403 Single album of letters written in the early to mid 19th century 15-30
404 A Gay Dog 1905 and a Dog's Day 1903 both by Cecil Aldin 50-80
405 Kamdene Barnes Burie & D. Alstons Tour in the North by Cole & Ralston together with six R. Caldecott books 20-40
406 Group of 18th and 19th century local indentures, ephemera letters etc; Cheddar, Wiltshire & Dorset 60-100
407 Swanston limited edition R.L Stevenson book set (25 vols) 1912 30-50
408 c1900 The Golliwogs Polar Adventures by Kate Upton and the Golliwogs Bicycle Club children's books 30-40
409 Group children's books; The Struwwelpeter Alphabet, The old man who lived in a wood, more ruthless rhymes and Old Mother Hubbard 15-30
410 Collection of Beatrix Potter, Black Sambo and Alison Uttley children's books c1900-1920 20-40
411 Vintage wooden golf club with USA Eagle golf pride handle 15-20
412 c1950's football boots 30-40
412a 17th century Persian helmet 8.25" dia 100-150
413 Framed embroidered Argyll & Sutherland military emblem 15-20
414 WWI autograph book with names, mainly from Scottish regiments 15-30
415 Stereoscope card viewer with group of cards; Exeter, Kew, Bristol, Chester, Stratford on Avon 20-30
416 Small horse jumping plaque plus horse and jockey car mascot 15-20
417 WWI bayonet 80-100
418 WWII German cigarette case embossed with eagle and swastika, German lancer's name engraved inside 40-60
419 Large collection of silk cigarette cards, mainly Kensitas, flags, Kings & Queens etc 50-80
420 WWII brass marine compass Stanley of London and earlier steel Watts of London compass 30-50
421 WWII bayonet with steel scabbard 30-50
422 Cased Wed. J. Ahmed & Zoon of Amsterdam theodolite No. 10484 the 'Wild Heerbrugg' 30-50
423 Group of Wells postcards, some privately taken WWI and later 80-120
424 Group Shepton Mallet privately taken postcards, football teams, town, military etc 100-150
425 Group of photo cards from the 1950's & 60's of film sirens 30-50
426 Early 20th century mahogany stereoscope viewer and group of scenic slides 20-40
427 Early 20th century small tan leather sporting baseball 20-40
428 Ornate North African dagger with 9" blade 15-30
429 WWII German bayonet with integral leather scabbard on belt with Nazi steel buckle 150-200
430 Three c1900 oak table tripod stands with brass fittings 20-40
431 Vintage straw filled jointed teddy bear plus c1960's doll 10-20
432 Nister Children's book; the airship in animal land by Clifton Bingham illustrated by G.H Thompson 15-20
433 Nister Children's book; the animals trip to the sea by Clifton Bingham illustrated by G.H Thompson 15-20
434 The Maxima Grand Slam tennis racquet plus Gray's squash racquet 10-20
435 Two cased brass jeweller's scales 15-20
436 c1900 inlaid octagonal mosaic Islamic jewellery box 30-60
437 WWII Capt. Fields impaired parallel ruler Aston & Nander plus one other in case 20-40
438 Cased Baty Naval gauge, optician's instrument, G. Baker level etc 20-40
439 Toy group incl. tinplate trains incl. Hornby train and tender, Pelham puppet, Matchbox model vehicle etc 15-20
440 Album of scenic postcards, Kensitas 'Henry' cards plus Champion Park Drive sporting cigarette cards 15-20
441 Two part boxed sets of Hornby railway incl. the Flying Scotsman engine and a British Rail locomotive plus track, waggons and carriages 30-40
442 Pair of brass candlesticks and gun formed candlestick 15-20
443 Cased Liverpool football commemorative pen plus boxed vintage viewer and folder 10-20
444 Quantity of mixed watches and modern costume jewellery 10-15
445 Collection British bronze, copper and brass coins, Victorian to Elizabeth II, mainly pennies and three pences 30-50
446 Quantity of modern costume jewellery 10-15
447 Vintage draughts, Scrabble, Canasta etc 15-20
448 The Bristol Steel fishing rod plus Allcock Bakelite fishing reel 15-30
449 c1950's/60's Herbert Johnson jockey crash hat and cover with original cardboard box 30-40
450 Tap & die cased set, brass measuring ring, ER Watts range finder instrument plus cased level 30-40
451 Two gilt framed round oriental embroidered silks 14" dia 30-50
452 German made miniature lead/tin toy figures of Indian mutiny, elephants etc 20-40
453 Bristol blue glass plus Victorian Venetian silvered vase 20-40
454 Two Clarice Cliff Bizarre Art Deco plates 9" dia 10-20
455 18th century Chinese blue and white plate of traditional willow tree scene 9" dia 30-50
456 China lidded pot in female form plus glass paperweight 10-15
457 Bronze Hindu Deity Hanuman 5.5" high 30-50
458 Heavy brass erotic double sided ashtray plus cased set of six gilt teaspoons 20-30
459 Small bronze male Deity 6.75" high 20-40
460 Small bronze female Deity 5.5" high 20-40
461 Oriental dragon handled tankard decorated with panels of traditional scenes 30-50
462 Three early 20th century brass ship's deck grab rails 20-40
463 WWI trench sights Carl Zeiss-Jena no. 39 100-150
464 Early 20th century carved ivory handled fly whisk plus bone handled dagger 30-40
465 Early 20th century scientific instrument cased sextant E789 made by Heath & Co. London 60-100
466 Group silver and silver handled flatware 30-50
467 London silver sugar bowl hallmarked R.H 105g 40-50
468 Group of mixed silver hallmarked spoons 30-40
470 Georgian silver hallmarked sugar tongs 30-40
471 Silver hallmarked sauceboat and round silver hallmarked photoframe 40-60
472 Four silver hallmarked sugar tongs 30-50
473 Silver hallmarked flatware plus scrap silver items incl. cufflinks, napkin rings and mixed metalware 30-50
474 Cased set of six silver handled butter knives 15-20
475 Silver plated servers plus small group vintage flatware 10-15
476 Two early 20th century silver plated belts, both of engraved foliate design 40-60
477 Quantity of costume jewellery plus whistle 10-15
478 Delepine Barrois French 5.5" high brass carriage clock with a Filerco alarm and key 80-100
479 Group of glass beaded necklaces plus silver chain pendant 10-20
480 18ct gold diamond solitaire ring with diamond platinum set shoulders 80-120
481 Victorian leather wallet with silver hallmarked trim and tan leather interior pockets 30-40
482 18" silver twisted rope necklace 20-40
483 Small quantity modern costume jewellery and display case 10-15
484 Beads, carved wooden stamp box etc 10-20
485 Unmarked silver flower ring set with simulated diamond and ruby 20-30
486 18ct gold diamond flower ring 80-120
487 18ct gold ring set with five graduated diamonds, approx 1ct 800-1000
488 Silver bracelet comprising a chain of linked gates 20-40
489 Vintage jewellery group incl. 9ct gold ring, silver marcasite brooches, coral necklace, bird brooch etc 40-60
490 Ingersoll gent's wristwatch plus other watch parts 10-20
491 Group banknotes; 4 x £1 plus a ten shilling note 10-20
492 Pen lights plus two miniature tortoiseshell musical instruments 10-20
493 Fob bracelet, brooch, cufflinks and bangle 10-20
494 Silver hallmarked pocket watch plus watch face 25-30
495 Silver 1821 crown plus two George III silver crown coins 30-40
496 George V five dollar gold coin 1912 with certificate gold is of 900/1000 purity 150-200
497 Silver ring and ten Victorian and later silver coins 15-20
498 Boxed Festival of Britain & Churchill crowns plus small group coins incl. Cartwheel pennies plus coin pill box 15-20
499 Victorian silver half crown 1888 plus silver hammered penny and mint set 1953 coins 20-30
500 Collection of bronze, Georgian and Victorian coins 10-20
501 Box of silver and other coins, some colonial Victorian 20-40
505 9ct gold 15" chain with copper coloured glitterstone pendant 20-40
506 Unused ledger, Bezique, 1828 geographical game etc 20-30
507 South American display set of cut and uncut examples of semi-precious stones 20-40
508 Edwardian gilt wall sconce with icicle drop pendant shade 30-40
509 Vintage fur collar and stoles 15-20
510 c1940's Webley air pistol 30-50

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